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 Eleonore von Falkenstein, uhm.
 Posted: Jun 4 2018, 05:45 PM




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Eleonore von Falkenstein

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Playby: Anika by Maximilian Woyda
Original Character
Played by GamerWoona

Basic Information

Real Name: Eleonore von Falkenstein, reigning Queen of Ziggurat
Alias / Nicknames: None are known to the public so far, though her father calls her a here non-disclosed name and she has several fleeting additives surrounding her at all times. None of them seem to last more than a month or two, the most prominent being the fair when concerning the public, many nobles refer to her as the butcher as a form of slander (but slander always holds a bit of truth in it to last, no?)

Species: Human. No powers or strings attached (apart from being noble)
Gender. Female
Age: 25

Personality: Eleonore is a seemingly straightforward person most of the time, most notably when it comes to dealing with her citizens. However, that does not mean that she is a stranger to schemes and courtly intrigues as she has been groomed in a house of high nobility ever since her birth. Hiding her intentions underneath a guise is second nature to her though this does not hold true to people that truly know her. She might have been trained to act indifferently and composed but she is not perfect in the matter. Once a person as sufficiently grasped her person or has seen her without any mask of society between them, they can easily tell what her true intentions are almost all of the time. Currently, only her parents and husband are able to do so.

When it comes to courtly matters, the Queen is a calculating person, able to hide her plans and act on them covertly without being found out. This holds true until she is forced into a corner or it concerns the safety of her family as then she will revert back to acting on instinct rather than thinking things through thoroughly.

Even though it is hard, she attempts to balance official matters with personal and family life as much as possible. Once she has managed to bear children this drive will only increase.


Appearance: Sporting grayish-blue eyes and an eye-catching red hair, Eleonore manages to stand out even among her family though it is not enough to realistically call her an ill fit. While she wears the royal colors and insignia for official matters, she very much prefers the colors green and turquoise and plain but fitting dresses; well as plain as garments for the nobility manage to be.
Jewelry is a rare sight on her person, though a specific tiara and a locket around her neck seem to be with her at all times. She has three holes for earrings, one in each earlobe and another in her left auricle but apart from moments of particular glamor she chooses not to use them.

Even though she tries to not stand out as much, she inevitably does by doing just that. Her well-trained person and mannerisms stick out of the common crowd but her lack of expensive attire marks her as an oddball in higher circles as well.

Notable skills and Abilities

Understanding: Being well educated and intelligent, there is little that manages to stay hidden from the Queen given the right circumstances and enough time to think matters through

Sword play: Eleonore is highly skilled with a one-handed rapier. Though she cannot overpower a man or a beast, she is able to hold her ground enough to stick out from the humans around her, besting many of the royal guards in her light sparring sessions.

other [Show]


Official Biography of the house von Falkenstein: Three centuries ago the venerable ancestors of the now highly influential noble family von Falkenstein ventured into the rift as a family of important counts in their home country after finding the way to this world on their lands. Taking the best of their men, they bravely ventured into the unknown to ensure the safety of their people. What they found on the other side moved some of them enough to stay there permanently. Humans being tread on by beasts and magick alike, made to bend to their will and enslaved by those that used mana was not something they could ignore. Banding together with other humans along the way, they eventually led their protegees to the now famous city of Ziggurat, settling down and defending this place from evil outside powers ever since.

Memories of a certain scribe and parts of the Inofficial family records [Show]

Eleonore: The now ruling Queen of Ziggurat grew up as the first daughter of the house and thus the rightful heir. enjoying an upbringing rich in education and resources alike. Alongside her younger sister, she dreamt of continuing the development of the city and establishing its position in the continent as well as finding her prince charming on his white steed.

Funnily enough, the latter dream eventually managed to fulfill itself as she met the then royal crown prince at her coming-of-age ball. Through a number of strange incidents, the two managed to meet up in private, sparking the relation that eventually led to the royal couple that now rules the city.

Little is known about her life at home as she had married not long after entering noble society but some speculate that her relation to her sister had been more than simply good. This is related to their slip-up at the grand day on which they had embraced each other for longer than the prude rules of etiquette of high society allowed them to. It was a naive but meaningless misstep in a momentary rush of excitement just before stepping up to the altar. Naturally ill-natured tongues picked up on the event and spread all kinds of rumors that had to be quelled in painstaking efforts but in the end, the palace seemed to have succeeded.

A public service announcement:
The crown vehemently denies such accusations and any illustrious descriptions of the royal mother and her sibling are an act of treason. The Queen is a caring and loving person that does not hold any ill-fated relation to her sibling. Any person being accused of such slander faces persecution.
 Posted: Jun 5 2018, 12:50 PM


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